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Active Speaker Bose 251 Environmental


The Bose® 251® environmental white speaker system delivers balanced stereo sound over a wider outdoor area and will stand up to most weather conditions too.

Product Description

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What is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to outdoor speakers? I’m going to go ahead bet you’re thinking Bose, a household
name for good quality speakers. Bose lives up to its reputation in delivering one of the best outdoor speakers on the market, the Bose 251 Environmental speakers. Although Bose is also known for it’s more expensive price tags, their most popular and highest rated outdoor speakers ring in at just under $400. At 100+-watts of power, the 251 Environmental speakers are a great price when compared with others in their league.  They will blow you away with their crisp and balanced sound, delivering a stellar performance with a wide range so you can enjoy them no matter where you are in or around your house.

Award-winning 251® environmental speakers let you enjoy rich, balanced stereo sound over a much wider area than most conventional outdoor speakers. And 251® environmental speakers are tough enough to beat the weather. These speakers connect to your stereo components or Lifestyle® system and mount to your exterior walls.
Speakers that have you covered :
With conventional outdoor speakers, sound can only be heard with impact in a few “sweet spots” instead of the broader range of your patio, pool or yard. But Bose® 251 environmental speakers produce remarkably rich sound across a much wider listening area.
Vital to that performance is Articulated Array® speaker design , which houses two speakers set at precise angles in each enclosure. This produces an extremely wide sound field so that you experience consistent stereo effects as you move around outdoors.
The small cabinets of conventional outdoor speakers often can’t produce the low notes that provide impact. The 251 speakers blend with your outdoor surroundings, yet their technology and design eliminate the audible distortion often heard in other speakers. You can enjoy full, rich music without the need for large, bulky speakers.
Bose versus mother nature :
Bose 251 speakers are engineered and tested to withstand snow, rain, salt and temperature extremes of 140° F to -22° F. These speakers deliver a level of performance many conventional outdoor speakers?and most indoor speakers?simply cannot match. They are also protected by a five-year limited warranty.
Bring Lifestyle® system performance outdoors :
If you own a Lifestyle® system, simply add the SA-3 amplifier and Bose 251 speakers to bring Lifestyle® system performance outdoors. You can have music by the pool, on the deck or wherever you like to listen outside your home. At the same time, with select Lifestyle® systems and the SA-3 amplifier , you can even play different music or movies inside. If you own a Lifestyle® system and 251 speakers already, just connect an SA-3 amplifier to your Lifestyle® system using a single cable.


  • ColorBlack
  • Speaker System TypeOutdoor
  • Nominal (RMS) Output Power100 Watt
  • Speaker TypeOutdoor
  • Nominal Impedance4/8 Ohm
  • Amplification TypePassive
  • Connectivity TechnologyWired
  • Crossover Channel Qty-way

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