Amplifier Portable FiiO A1


The A1 utilizes a sandblasted aluminum alloyed chassis for a durable modern apperance and comfortable handholding. A transparent removable back clip adapts the A1 different usage scenarios in style


The FiiO A1 Mini portable amplifier is an upgrade from the FiiO E6. FiiO has come a long way since the E6. While E6 had a simple and functional design, the A1 is most definitely a step up in overall quality and build. The A1 comes in an anodized aluminum chassis, which is both good looking and built tough. It has to be built this way, as FiiO knows that the A1 is going to take a beating. It is a device that will be constantly on the go. The aluminum helps to keep the internals protected from eventual drops and bangs. Buttons are easy to memorise and have a premium feel to each click. The FiiO A1 is well paired with devices needing a little more power for some more sensitive and power hungry products. With the 3.5mm input/output, setup is quick and easy with no issues with compatibility or installed software to worry about no matter if you are using a computer, tablet, phone or any other device you are playing your audio from. Volume is controlled easily with separated [+] [-] inputs with 64 levels for use. The FiiO A1 also has the added ability to change the bass response with three bass boost options. The FiiO A1 is a great amp for anyone looking to take that first step to upgrade earphones/headphones that may need a little more power. It is also a wonderful introduction to FiiO products for those new to the higher quality audio world.

Specifications : 

  • Up to 70mW output power at 32Ω;
  • Only 0.01% THD
  • Over 100dB S/N ratio
  • Internal 160mAh rechargeable Li-poly battery;
  • Less than 15μA standby current; over 13 hours play time
  • No power draw from connected devices, e.g. smartphone run time is unaffected.
  • Charges via standard micro USB port
  • volume levels + mute for volume fine tuning via separate volume + and – buttons.
  • bass boost options and effects bypass option available to satisfy different listening preferences

In The Box : 

  • FiiO A1 Amplifier

  • 2 Removable Clips

  • Clear Top Cover

  • USB to Micro USB Charging Cable

  • 2 x 3.5mm Connecting Cables (One Long, One Short)

  • User Guide

  • Warranty Card

The A1 makes good used of its LED light that is embedded within power button. It gives quick and accurate feedback to what setting you are using:

– Green light: indicates full charge;
– Red light (lit): charging
– Red light (flashing): low power
– BASS OFF;Blue light (lit): A1 is on with bass boost off
– Blue light (flashing once every two seconds): A1 is on with bass boost 1
– Blue light (flashing twice every two seconds) A1 is on with bass boost 2
– Blue light (flashing thrice every two seconds) A1 is on with bass boost 3
– Red and blue light flashing thrice together: Factory reset, volume reset and power off.
– Hold both volume buttons at the same time until the red and blue LEDs blink together thrice; this resets the volume and EQ settings and turns off the A1.



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