Digital Audio Cowon X7 120gb
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Digital Audio Player Cowon X7 120GB (Diskontinue)


The Cowon X7 seems huge next to almost all current portable devices. The 120GB internal hard drive makes sure it’s not slim at 14.5mm, and the 4.3in screen is large even by today’s giant touchscreen standards

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Product Description

When it comes to media players, an intuitive device is what interested users look for. If you are looking for media player that uses a touch screen, you should consider Cowon X7 HDD MP3 Player 120GB because of the handy features it comes with.It is not just a media player. There exist several media players that are similar to this but not in every manner.X7 come with special features that makes it incomparable and elegant. Apart from being a multimedia player, it also allows one to take notes and save, play Flash games and also sound recording.

Features of Cowon X7 HDD MP3 Player 120GB

The X7 has a wide Touchscreen that is 4.3 Inches. The large screen definitely implies that it must use large and highly powered batteries. This has added to its playing time as it can play audio files for up to 83 hours. X7 powerful battery also allows you to watch video for up to 10 hours nonstop if fully charged. It has a 120GB hard disk making it one stop storage for your movies, video clips, mp3 files and documents.It uses a memory of 1 GB hence you don’t expect it to be slow. The X7 just like any other Cowon product uses JetEffect 3.0 and BBE+ innovative technologies to ensure that it produces the best quality sound. You don’t have to worry about the origin of the music for the player will improve its sound quality if it’s lower.

What about X7 35 preset sound options? These sound effects will enable its users to select an ideal sound scheme that will perfectly match with their likes and preferences. Always ensure that you choose the optimum one. The size of its screen is just a step in ensuring that you take your viewing experience to the next level but not a breakthrough.

X7 screen is able to support 16 million colors. Don’t under estimate its screen resolution which is at amazing 480×272 pixels. Watching your favorite movie anywhere without compromising its quality is now a reality. It has a pretty widget that makes navigation simple and fast. You can then access other of its features such as calculator very conveniently.

Sharing your files with other devices is possible as it is Bluetooth enabled. Don’t forget about using your Bluetooth headset to listen to your music. It has its own Flash Player hence for game fanatics; this is a reward and a go ahead. Note taking is facilitated by its virtual keyboard that pops above the screen. These are some of its near endless list of features Cowon X7 offers. You can’t explore them at once.

Pros of X7 HDD MP3 Player 120GB

*Good quality Touchscreen.
*Prolong battery life.
*It is not just a media player as it can act as a book reader.
*High storage capacity.
*It comes with a built in speaker.
*Supports multiple file formats.

Cons of X7 HDD MP3 Player 120GB

*It is large hence it cannot perfectly fit in the pocket unlike ordinary players.
*It is not based on ordinary operating system such as Android.

Despite the cons, we are able to clearly see that Cowon X7 HDD MP3 Player 120GB is a media player that we should adore and cherish. Accomplish your entertainment with this gadget.

Additional Information

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Dimensions 20 x 30 x 10 cm


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