Headphone Beyerdynamics DTX 501P


The DTX 501 p is a foldable headphone that features a dynamic and detailed sound.


The DTX 501 p is a foldable headphone that features a dynamic and detailed sound. Its closed design effectively attenuates ambient noise and allows enjoying and listening to the music even in a noisy environment. The soft ear pads, the light weight and the compact size make the DTX 501 p perfect for music lovers on the move. The delivery includes a carrying case for safe transport.

  • Lightweight, foldable headphones for mobile use
  • Dynamic and detailed sound
  • Excellent bass response

Review Preface:

Beyerdynamic is an iconic well-established brand that is not only a music industry icon for innovation and design efficiency, but also one that is highly regarded for many for their understanding the users needs and transforming this into a perfectly executed package. It is indeed no personal fact that I have professionally relied upon Beyerdynamic products for the duration of my career where they have never let me down under the premise of compromised build quality function or performance. With this noted Beyerdynamic has already set the bar extremely high for my expectations of the DTX 501p closed-back, portable, light-weight, and small footprint headphones. Basically, if you are looking for a rather unobtrusive product that outperforms those fiddly little earbuds that you cant fit into your ears properly and don’t quite have the want the full emersion of a large dynamic headphone, or ‘cans’, design then these are the perfect compromise. Although I have mentioned the word compromise here, this really should be used loosely as an intermediary design such as this still harbours a hell of a lot of consumer quality and ‘bang-for-your-buck’.


Arriving in the Beyerdynamic standard, the box is deceivingly small where inside you will locate a very nice, black zipped, hard-back clamshell case with a cord wristband to stop you loosing or mistreating your investment. Now, it has to be said that for a product in this price-range, the most advanced headpho​ne protection case that I have come across is, if at all, a mere black cloth back pouch so this attention to detail is a truly awesome reward. As we  open this black beauty we quickly scan and notice the​​​ the inclusion of a flight adapter where right on top the DTX 501p’s sit there, beautifully presented, just crying out to be used. Beyerdynamic do produce this pair in both black and white. However, initial impressions are that during this unboxing, if we go on face value, then this is a product that is deserving of a higher price-tag with to the inclusion of a flight adapter and clamshell hard-case, presentation and contortion acrobatics that the DTX 501p’s can perform… more about this later. However, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so to speak, and eat we shall.

​Build Quality:

With a product that is made for a highly social and active consumer lifestyle the build quality can be a real lengthy subjective discussion however, I would like to believe that my positive findings with the DTX 501p’s will be a straightforward affair. Because Beyerdynamic were generous with their givings, let us commence proceedings with a very short accessories breakdown… They work. No I kid, the clamshell hard-case is, in my opinion, sufficient in taking a fall from a substantial height whilst still protecting the goods inside. Fundamentally, it appears to be of a nylon water resistant material and easily light and transportable so, if it rains, pop them back in the case. As with all headphones they are not designed to be used in wet or stormy weather as the internal drivers can easily fall victim to longstanding damage. Luckily, I was able to pull (the replaceable) soft ear cups off and inspect the driver appearance and, with merit, the driver was covered be a thin protective film that prevents dust build up and minor water penetration. I would imagine that you can use this product in very light spitting rain but, under no circumstances, recommend it.

On the exterior of the driver housing there is an aluminium backing built into the plastic design; something that is rare at this price-range and surprisingly doesn’t add any tinny acoustics. Again, this will protect the products lifetime and adds a rigidity and quality that can be felt in the hand. Moving on to the soft ear-cups this material is supple covering a medium density foam that is slightly porous meaning that physical fatigue is reduced and compliments the soft skin of the outer ear. Now turning to the headband, it is indeed thin and has a aluminium core backed on top of the head with a minor degree of padding; if you have a lack of hair this is a good thing. Maybe one of the faults with the build quality is with the wire, and this is an issue for every headphone in this price-range, but it is slightly rubberised and will grip to your shirt to minimise tension on the solder points right down to the 3.5mm jack. My issue would maybe be with the jack design here, although it is designed at a right angle to prevent vertical strain right on the solder point it could do with a tad more work. Overall though the build quality, in my opinion, is good for what the consumer would expect.

DTX 501p Sound Quality:

Although these are at a physical intermediary size, the sound quality of the DTX 501p’s is rather remarkable for something that is at the crucial ‘just above average’ consumer price-point where they are easily driven by smartphones due to their 32Ω impedance rating. When driven hard these closed back headphones can be offensive to the public, but none more so than other models I have encountered and, on the other side of the coin, the isolation from the external world is notably reduced. Now on to the meat… When these headphones are driven at comfortable levels they sound dynamically flawless but this can vary a little. When the product is driven at the higher end of comfortability the high frequencies can appear a tad harsh but this isn’t an unexpected trait of consumer headphones in a sub £60 range. Overall the sound is engaging and surprisingly balanced where the bass and treble is not accentuated; meaning that there is no happy EQ’ing here. I personally feel that the sound is smooth and works tremendously with classical, folk, acoustic and light electronic genres with a great level of sonic and transient definition. I noticed that drums and male vocals sound BIG with this pair of headphones and this is thanks to the natural, not overly wide, soundstage in combination with a sweet midrange and a  fair dispersal of plosive sounds. Essentially, all of these findings equate to a pair of headphones that won’t prematurely lead to listening fatigue or a disengaging experience.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 10 cm


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