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Earphone Dunu Trident DN-12

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DN-12 “Trident” IEM is one of DUNU’s quality designed earphones. They keep the focus on the most important thing when it comes to listening to music: Balance. Bass is deep and present, the mids are clear throughout the entire range of volume (from quiet late night to blasting on the subway), and the highs are airy with the presence you expect from an IEM.

Product Description

Product Features :

. Loaded with high grade full frequency unit, it enhances the detailed of bass and presents crisp and crystal in mid and treble. It also provides you the high sound quality and the best recognition.
. The earphone is designed with highly covered and sound leaking proof which can block the outer noises and only preserves the sound you desire.
. With Dunus patent technology (F.R.E.S), the full frequency enhancing system, it presents you rich dynamic and extraordinary full range music incisively and vividly.
. Highly airtight stereo earplug earphone can produce broad frequency response and has outsanding balance between highs and lows. Therefore it is able to reproduce the origin high quality sound.
. Multilayer-membrane design helps reducing the excess vibration that may cause distortion to achieve first class quality.
. Titanium body part is manufactured by metal forging with the mirror finished solid outer skin. We educe the space between the minor components which avoids the air from leaking, and prevent unnecessary vibrations. Thus it can ensure you the fluent bass response and clear middle frequency.

Specification :

Type : HQ (6.8mm)
Sound Pressure Level : 100+-2dB
Impedance : 16Ohm
F. Response : 10Hz~20KHz
Noise Attenuation : 26dB
Weight : 22g
Plug Size : 3.5mm Gold Plated
Cord Length :1.2m

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm

1 review for Earphone Dunu Trident DN-12

  1. 4 out of 5


    First of all, this earphone impressed me with the package!
    This is the first review i made for Dunu Earphones.

    Maybe some of you questioned, what kind of brand is “Dunu”, well it is not different than “Phrodi” or other Chinese brand “Auglamor”, “Yuin”, etc.
    Chinese brands these days produce high quality and high performance earphones with rational price.

    Dunu is one of them.

    Package :
    The package is great, it doesn’t like “cheap” earphones. complete with an earphone pouch and 7 (yes, seven) pairs of eartips replacement. This will surely difenies that Dunu is not a typical earphone producer.

    Design and Built Quality :
    Built Quality is great, with chrome colored finishing, a little heavy for some people, but i think it is not very disturbing.

    Comfort :
    Fitting is easy, i dont fing aney difficulties to wear this earphone and get great isolation.

    Sound :
    Overall this earphone is rather V-shaped.

    Low/Bass : the bass are great, quite deep and punchy, a little boomy (not too much), quite good for the EDM/bass head

    Mid : The mid is a little recessed, the detail is so-so, but you can still find the details here.

    High : Vocals and high presentation is awesome!

    Price over value : with the price tag of Rp. 380.000,- i think it is a great deal!

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