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Earphone HiSound Flamenco


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Product Description

Description :
The Flamenco IEMs are one of the smallest hifi earphones which applies the 7mm driver. The tiny size can let the ear canal has no foreign matter resistance reaction. It is very comfortable for wearing. You will feel there is only music inside your ear without earphone burden. Thus it will make you enjoy the music whole hearted. The cable core is made up of high grade 6 OFC.The cable can stand a 150kg force and will never lose it’s great red color.


It is amazing that the sound quality has nothing effected by the tiny size. The sound stage is unbelievable wide and spacy. The bass is incredible impaction. The vigor dynamic rhythm is expected by any one.


Don’t be cheated by the low price of Flamenco, It is intended on fixe the low price to let more music lover experience Hisound’s sound features. It has more meaning on the propaganda of our brand than the profits.


The Flamenco is the IEMs which is worth you to get it without any hesitation.

Package :
Ÿ        Hisoundaudio Flamenco IEMs Earphones

Ÿ        Shirt Clip

Ÿ        3 sets of Eartips

Ÿ        Free Leather bag

Ÿ        Free 3.5mm Female to 6.5mm Male Stereo Audio Adapter

Specification :
Ÿ     Driver units                @7mm

Ÿ    Rated impedance             16Ω

Ÿ      Sensitivity                 108dB

Ÿ      Frequency                   19KHZ-22KHZ

Ÿ      Channel Balance              ≤125dB (at1KHz)

Ÿ      Plug size                    3.5mm

Ÿ    Cord length                  126cm


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