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Earphone HiSound HiPhone 4 Red


As the audiophile and user of IPHONE, We strong feel that we must design a superior IEMs for Iphone. For we have much time on out door activities. At the subway, bus or other noise environments need the good isolation IEMs. Hiphone 4 has the excellent isolations with sweet sound quality. The bass of HIPHONE 4 is strong. The mids are full with good layer. The bright highs of Hiphone 4 will make you surprising that the Iphone has the incredible hifi grade sound quality.

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Product Description

The headphones I will write about them it’s the bass edition of the headphones “HiPhone 4”. These headphones are a special version of the in-ear HiPhone 4 geared specifically for Apple devices (the company added a microphone and control button).In this edition there is an emphasis on the bass and his quality.

These Headphones are made by HiSoundAudio, a Chinese company who also produces high-quality media players in addition to various headphones

Technical data:

Type:Dynamic, in ear
Size of the driver:@7
impedance:16 OHM
earphone jack :3.5mm
Length of the cable 126CM
Microphone: Yes

Product packaging and accessories:
The Headphones comes in cardboard package. There are details about headphones on the package, and there is a “window” which you can see the headphones themselves through it. Beautiful but simple package. It could cause the buyer to think the product is just not high quality.
I think that it is a pity that the company did not think about the product’s package and 
accessories more.
On the package written much about the product but at first glance you can not see his name. The product name written on a sticker at the bottom of the back of the package.

In the package we have the headphones in a plastic and beside them a bag with Chinese information paper and two additional pairs of seals – large and small.

Earphone’s design and quality:
The design and the quality of the headphones are two of the most important criteria in choosing headphones. It is important to buy headphones in high quality which won’t be destroyed easily.
The earphone’s body is in gray and the cable is white.
The colors are similar to Apple’s original headphones and probably this is also the purpose of the manufacturer.
The earphone’s body is made ​​of metal, is well built and looks as such not easily broken. Although the headphones are built of metal, they are not burdened on the ears and do not feels heavy.
Nice design but the attempt to mention Apple’s headphones is not original. Little more creativity could be evaluated here

Sound’s quality:

The headphones sound’s quality is the most important criterion for choosing. Every buyer wants good sound’s quality.
The headphones’ sealing is good. You won’t hear talk from outside while you are using them, but you can hear some when the noises are loudly.
This headphone is a bass edition for the HiPhone 4 earphones.
The bass on the headphones is deep and dominant. The deep bass that’s combined with high mids and trebles, makes balanced sound, but rich in bass.
The sound quality is very good for low-price headphones.
In my opinion, we can feel the company’s purpose to produce headphones with good, deep and dominant bass


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