Earphone HiSound living
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Earphone HiSound Living


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Product Description

Description :
The sound signature of Living:

  • As the name implying Living is a pair of higher grade earphones than Live. The Living sounds like you are in the music playing site.
  • The Living has more neutral sound character. The bass, mids and highs are very balanced. Living is the excellent earbuds, It’s has unlimited highs extension, just like the treble can reach the sky. There are tremendous details with the highs. This make the violin or guitar very reality and enjoyable. Even with the unparalleled extended highs, the highs never harsh, it is as smooth as the chocolate. The mids are extremely full and layer, full of music information, the mids have greatest definition which let the listeners can detect every details of the songs. The bass of Living is tight, deep, and lush. It just like the superior bass of the high end IEMs, the bass of Living is the best one ever made.
  • The sound signature of Living is transparent, very clear and clean, it make you only hear the pure music without any muddy or dull. The music presented with huge airy feeling, this make the music has large space which never make the music congested. The music out of Living is pleasant, exciting, inspiring and promising.
  • The Living presents the highest quality of sound, It never miss any details that the original record has. The speed of the music reproduction is exactly as accurate as the living playing,
  • The musicality is the unique feature compared to the rest earbuds. The sound of Living is full with lots of reverberation. The dynamic rhythm strongly impact the listeners. The listeners are easy to be moved by the vigorous beats.
  • All in a world, Living will tempt all the audiophiles. Living is the milestone of the earphone history. It seems the high end full size headphone to be minimized. It keeps all the high quality sound of the high end full size earphones. It can let the audiophiles enjoy the highest grade music at anytime and anywhere.
  • Living will be the “must have” earphones among the audiophiles
    Specification :
    Ÿ     Type                       Dynamic Open

    Ÿ        Driver units                16mm

    Ÿ    Rated impedance             32Ω

    Ÿ      Sensitivity                 107dB

    Ÿ      Frequency                   16HZ-23KHZ

    Ÿ      Channel Balance             ≤125dB (at1KHz)

    Ÿ      Plug size                   3.5mm

    Ÿ    Cord length                 124cm


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