Earphone Beyerdynamics XP1 (Diskontinue)


XP1 – Bass Edition the beast Bass focus earphone which suitable for bass head and love punchy tight bass.


Technical Specification:

Models : Xp1, Xp2, Xp3
Frequency range : 20 – 22000Hz
Impedance : 16 Ohm
Sensitivity : 98dB
Cable length : 1.4m
Connector : 3.5mm jack plug

-Versatile Sound option, pick the best sounding out of three
-Superb sound quality guaranteed support by countless years of experience in the industry.
-Perfect angle fit, suitable for outdoor and sport usage, creates a weightless and solid feeling
– Passive Noise isolation feature cancelled out 97% outer sound and ambience
-Smallest Flat tangle-free cable for ultra convenient portability



Big on the lows, bassheads rejoice, very good thump, with lots of sub-bass rumble. The lows could be tighter, but they were going for a fun sound sig with this model. These are very fun to listen to electronic music or just general bassy music, the lows do affect the mids creating a veil, and also the mids are warmer and slightly recessed.

Very warm, slightly veiled and slightly recessed. All in all though I can’t complain, as the mids are still present and still have some alright detail retrieval. The upper mids sound better and cleaner, so female vocals don’t sound too off, with no sibilance to be heard. Acoustic music fairs quite well, but they do have a slightly thick warm sound to them.

These have a U shaped signature, the highs don’t fair too badly, they could be better refined with more detail and better extension, but for the price, and for what they are, the highs really do fair well. You can hear every cymbal tap, and crash easily, with pretty good control and tone.

The soundstage is narrow, imaging is done well and instrument separation isn’t the best as they are very warm, but for people looking for a non fatiguing listen, these are perfect. The bass levels will satisfy bassheads easily, but not at the cost of the other frequencies, with these sounding very warm, but with good mids and highs too. Bass lovers, these are for you.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm


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