Earphone IEM FitEar MH335DW 1
Earphone IEM FitEar MH335DW

Earphone IEM FitEar MH335DW

FitEar MH335DW is a model that was double-woofer into order based on FitEar MH334, to enhance the texture of the low frequency range. By the network configuration and a new driver configuration, while taking advantage of the excellent balance that MH334 has, to achieve a higher resolution of the low-frequency and low-end extension.
You can enjoy a sense of presence than ever, the rich sound quality.

Product Description

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FitEar’s MH series is engineered by legendary sound engineer, Mitsuharu Harada. And since FitEar custom earphones are used by hundreds of Japan’s top musicians, it’s quite the match. Currently, the MH335 is FitEar’s priciest professional earphone, which is probably why it has attracted so much interest from the audiophile community.

The Marque

FitEar ply customers with industrial luxuries: Pelican cases, smudge-free shell machining, Japanese police force-approved cables. These luxuries are offset by a bit of celluloid tape, FitEar’s equivalent of custom art. You can put your name there. Bam! At least they opted for Oyaide cable plugs. 

FitEar practically inventing the MADE IN JAPAN custom earphone. With few exceptions, FitEar’s products are made to impeccable standards. But they don’t look as cool as some of the competition. Their products are stoic, stolid, and unassuming.

The Cable

MH335DW comes with what is called cable 001. It’s a stiff, rather microphonic cable fastened on one end to an Oyaide 3,5mm stereo plug, and on the other to that police-approved connector I mentioned above. Overall, the design is solid. It inspires confidence above a number of products from FitEar’s rivals. It is, however, microphonic almost to a fault. Slight touches transmit loud thumps to the ear. The good news is that the translucent and indestructible neck cinch ameliorate much of the noise.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm


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