Earphone Knowledge Zenith KZ GR

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Earphone KZ GR, comes with balanced sound, with powerful and fast bass, beautiful and full mids, excellent highs, and great details.

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copper forging cavity, built 10MM pronunciation unit, rubidium magnet structure with the highest level of customized membrane that can produce a rich and powerful low-frequency resolving power. with the use of black lead sound device that can enhance the bass experience the music, the bass is tight, elastic texture prominent. audio devices with the use of red lead, instantaneous enhance the overall permeability of music, loud vocal performance, more balanced sound at the end. audio guide device can change the sound port design, to get the two styles sound experience through the replacement of different lead tone devices. GR-quality features: 1 with black device more suitable for low-frequency high demand users. 2 with the red device more suitable for balanced sound relatively high demand users. adapt style: pop vocals, the size of the preparation of the symphony, rock and so on. The 10MM pronunciation unit prototype structure is a British acoustic headphone brand which a price of about RMB1200 yuan on the product used, so GR cost of this product we can try to think about . Wire aspects, GR balanced Professional Edition uses 32 core L-OFC copper +300 D bulletproof crystal fiber wire, wire tensile strength theory of 20-30 kg. PE outer layer of transparent plastic wrapping material, under any harsh weather conditions without breaking harden. KZ new L-shaped plug design to fully protect the overall quality of durability. International Standard 3.5MM gold-plated plug, can compatible with the market MP3, mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc. All 3.5MM standard interface.

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