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Earphone Zero Audio Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT


Zero Audio Carbo Tenore Just the right earphone to enjoy your acoustic and light jazz music in the afternoon. The “Tenore” offered you clean detail and clear bass.

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Product Description

The new comfortable and lightweight ZH-DX200-CT Carbo Tenore dynamic ear phones come in two models, one larger sized and one slimmer model. The aluminum housing is reinforced with carbon composite providing excellent strength and high insulation while the flexible OFC cable allows clear, loss-less sound transmission. Although the ZH-DX200-CT ear phones are not specifically noise-cancelling, the sound insulation is quite high and there is minimum sound leakage.

Varian pertama dari Zero Audio audio adalah Carbo Tenore. Dengan menggunakan driver ukuran 5,78mm, menjadikannya cukup kecil, namun memiliki suara yang bagus, jernih pada frekuensi midrange dan treble. Carbo Tenore bisa dibilang IEM all rounder yang bisa digunakan untuk lagu apa saja.

If you ever been to Head-fi community, there is a very common phrase used to describe headphones with an amazing sound quality sold at a fraction of a price in comparison to a similar sounding headphones from bigger brand names. That phrase is a “Giant killer”, and that’s exactly how I would refer to Zero Audio headphones, designed in Japan. Both Carbo Tenore and Carbo Doppio models feature a very unique housing design with a blend of real carbon fiber and aluminum composite materials and a very detailed sound with a wide soundstage. Let me take a closer look at each individual model.

Starting with Carbo Tenore, these micro-dynamic driver headphones come in a compact package with a clear display of the product, and a basic set of accessories which includes 3 pairs of S/M/L small bore eartips and a nice drawstring storage pouch. The headphones itself are VERY lightweight (3.2g w/o cable) and compact in size, probably the smallest headphones (piston shell diameter) I have tested so far, thanks to it’s 5.78mm micro-dynamic drivers. The outer coating of the aluminum shell housing is all carbon fiber with a nice 3D graphic effect. The back of the shell has a pinhole opening, which is one of the contributing factors to widening the soundstage and making the sound airy.

The attachment of the cable is angled at the end of the shell with a short strain relief. Though it doesn’t look too flimsy, as a caution you have to be careful not to pull on the cable when removing them from your ears. The cable itself is made out of OFC (oxygen free copper) wires and has a typical Y splitter cable config with a convenient chin-slider above the splitter. The rubbery wire coating looks durable as well. It’s soft, not springy, and easy to manage when you wrap it for storage. The cable is terminated with 90deg gold plated connector. There is no special marking to easily identify symmetrical left/right earpieces, so you have to rely on L/R letters printed on the shell itself. Also, I would like to mention that I actually found stock eartips to be excellent for my ear fitment, and with a right size selection I was able to get a really good passive noise isolation. Also, I found no microphonics with the cable.

Specification :


Model Number: ZH-DX210-CB

Dynamic type with 5.78mm drivers

Carbon & aluminum hybrid body

Impedance: 16Ω

Rated Sensitivity: 102dB/mW

Playback Frequency Band: 8-24,000Hz

Maximum Input: 150mW

Plug: 3.5mm gold-plated stereo mini (L-shape)

Cord: 1.2m (Y-shape), OFC

Weight: approx. 3.2g (without cord)

Supplied Accessories: Carrying Bag, Silicon Ear Pieces (S,M, and L-size)


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm


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