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Eartips Spinfit (1 Pair ) Size M


Ultimade upgrade in sound, best comfort for your ears.
The smallest investment upgrade for earphones yet big in potential and best treatment for your ears.

Product Description

What is SpinFit®
• SpinFit® has unique cushion at main of Sound Induction Tube.
• SpinFit® rotates 360° freely, ensure closed ear duct without noise.
• SpinFit® fits into ears deeply, improves sound quality.
• SpinFit® gives the best comfort, always.
360 degree of free rotation
SpinFit® has a cushion at the centre of its duct and it can rotate freely 360 degree.
SpinFit® is able to rotate and goes into deeply the ears. As it has 360 degree of free rotation and goes deeply into the ears, improving the quality of sound and comfort of wearing.
Comfortable wearing
SpinFit® will shape itself and go deeply into our ears. Therefore it will not exert pressure to our ears, increasing comfort of wearing. You can use it for a long time without feeling any stress and improve your music listening experience.
SpinFit® can be inserted deeper in the ear canal smoothly. It improves the noise isolation.



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