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Earphone Beyerdynamic DX160IE (Diskontinue)


Beyerdynamic’s DX 160 iE in-ear headphones are the older sibling of the company’s DX 120 iE model. The pricier 160 has plenty to tempt buyers with, including sleek design, great isolation, and piles of desirable extras.

The sound profile won’t suit everyone, of course. Bass is very prominent on the 160, and upper middle notes lack some clarity. Yet perhaps the biggest issue is that competition this year is hot for both quality and price.

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The Beyerdynamic DX 160 iE are smaller than the last Beyerdynamic headphone I reviewed. A lot smaller, since those were big open-back over-ears. Perhaps best known for those big over-ears, and on-ear, headphones, the DX 160 iE stand out in the Beyerdynamic lineup for their in-ears smallness.


Fit is the most important factor in any in-ear headphone. Without a good fit and seal, you won’t get decent bass, and overall sound quality will suffer. A large part of getting a the right fit is a variety of tips, and here Beyer does fantastic. Not only are there 5 different tips, they range in not only size but style. Small through big regular round tips, a “mushroom” style tip, and even the medieval torture device “Christmas tree” tips (some people like this style, for me they’re horrid).

In addition, there are the foam Comply tips, which fit many people great. I used the latter for most of my testing, as they offered a comfortable fit, and great seal.

The headphones themselves are fairly basic, about twice the size of the foam tips, and offer little in the way of flair or design. Minimalist would be one way to say it, which honestly is fine. I don’t need my in-ears to be showy. The flat cable is excellent, though, resisting tangling.

Headphones and cable together are light, despite being split in the middle with a connector.Included with the DX 160 iE is a splitter, which you can put in-line between the two cable halves, letting you share whatever you’re listening to with a friend/lover/stranger via their own headphones.


To me, there are two main competitors: the B&W C5, and the RBH EP1/EP2. The C5s are one of my favorite in-ears (especially for travel), offering (for me anyway) an excellent and comfortable fit, and great sound. That sound, however, is definitely bass heavy. While the DX 160 iE offer great bass, it’s not nearly as much as the C5s. That may read like a negative, however it’s not. I’ve always been cautious in my recommendation of the C5s, in that while I like their sound, I would never call them “neutral.” I’m positive many (if not most) people would like the more balanced sound of the DX 160 iE. The C5′s have a more open treble, too.

I find the C5s more comfortable, as well, with their unique through-the-bud cable design. But other people don’t find the C5s comfortable. It’s an odd recommendation, but if you like the fit and sound of the C5s, you’ll probably like them better than the DX 160 iE. Conversely, you may not like the extra bass and fit of the C5s. The B&W’s are about $50 more than the Beyer’s, which to me puts them in the same ballpark, but feel free to disagree.


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