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Headphone Beyerdynamic T51P (Diskontinue)


Product Description

The Beyerdynamic T51p headphones are the best-sounding over-ear headphones that we’ve heard in a while at this price – that’s obvious from the moment you put them on.

They have just the right amount of punch, detail, and dynamics to deliver the most entertaining and faithful reproduction of any track you play.

Sound quality

The complex, discordant arrangements of American rockers The Dead Weather are tightly controlled and delivered with precise timing. These T51ps dig deep into subtleties to deliver a captivating, atmospheric listen.

Drum beats hit with taut precision, the brooding atmosphere is set by a deep, rumbling bass, and string-pluckage is palpable and full of attitude.

Alison Mosshart’s ragged, screeching vocals on I Can’t Hear You sear through the song with superb control and subtlety. And there’s enough headroom for the open, clear treble to deliver bite and tension without feeling restrained.

Of course, the Beyerdynamics’ minimal frame makes them ideal for portable use. They’re light, too, and stay put on your head firmly.

The metal construction isn’t as luxuriously finished as, say, the Sennheiser Mometum ‘phones, though. A small point, but it’s that quality that may prevent these T51ps from being unanimously desired.

We’re also disappointed to find that the cable doesn’t include any in-line controls – a definite shortcoming for such a portable pair.



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