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Headphone Beyerdynamic T70p (Diskontinue)


The Beyerdynamic T 70s are the first of many headphones in the new Tesla line that we’ve been able to review. For those of you who haven’t read the press releases about this line of headphones: these cans have drastically redesigned drivers that use an absurdly strong magnetic field, lightening up the voice coils and supposedly producing a more accurate sound. The T 70s may be impressive in that regard, but they have some rough edges in a couple of areas too. It may be a while before the Tesla line is as polished as Beyerdynamic’s older models, but they’re certainly worthy of a listen if you can justify paying so much.

Product Description

Key Features

Features None

Release Information

Release Date 7/5/2013


Weight .82 lbs
Color Silver and Black
Form Factor Over-the-ear
Connection type Wired (3.5mm)
Wire length 4 feet
use Travel


Impedance 32 ohms
Frequency response (low) 5 hz
Frequency response (high) 40,000 hz
Surround sound No
Active noise-cancelling No
Sensitivity 104 db

Features and design

As solid as the build quality of the T70p appeared, we were surprised to find what looked like a touch of axle grease on the slim arms that secure the earpieces to the headband as we pulled them down to adjust the size. The silver strips slid almost precariously into the grooves, feeding into black inserts that had a lot more give on the vertical axis than we expected. However, the grease rubs off, and as we soon found out, the arm pieces’ leeway serves to provide an impressive level of adjustment.

The T70p’s velvety-black microfiber stretches over a thick layer of padding encircling the interior of the ear cups as well as the entire underside of the wide headband. The soft skin meets at the topside of the headband at a surprisingly clunky line of plastic, another strange indication of the headset’s dichotomous blend of luxury and frugality. Still, we’re always hoping such signs indicate the emphasis on engineering over aesthetic, and the smooth, two-toned finish on the oversized ear cups goes a long way in conveying quality.

The ear cups are suspended from their slim metal arms on dual axes, allowing for plenty of horizontal movement to supplement the vertical give of the arms themselves. Pushing the heavy pads together while music is playing creates almost complete silence, exhibiting the T70p’s excellent passive noise isolation. Inside the pads rest extremely wide screens which cover the headset’s Tesla-powered voice coils. Beyerdynamic claims an enormous frequency range for the drivers of 5Hz-40kHZ which, incidentally, is over twice the maximum range of human hearing.


Simply put, the T70p is one of the most comfortable headsets we’ve had the pleasure of putting on. While fit is always subjective, the ear cups are large enough to cover almost any ear size, and the headset’s ample padding provided a generous level of support. Though the microfiber coverings could potentially cause some overheating at high temperatures, we had no issue in a normal setting. We wore the headset for hours at a time, unable to dig up a single warranted complaint.

Audio performance

A metaphor that kept cropping up while examining the T70p’s sound signature was that of natural light. White, clean, and vividly transparent, the headset seemed to expose everything it touched with a gleaming brilliance. Like sunlight, there were moments during our evaluation where sounds were a shade bright, especially in relation to higher percussion. But the T70p also had a prismatic effect when focused through the lens of our music library, revealing every element in a multicolored projection to create a gorgeous display before us.



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