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Headphone Bose Freestyle In Ear


The Bose Freestyle headphones are secure and comfortable as well as sweat-resistant, and their “open” design is appealing. They also offer pleasantly full bass and include an integrated remote and microphone and a nice carrying case.

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Although it never really disappeared, Bose is back with a new and refreshing line of audio gear designed to be more stylish compared to the company’s previous mundane yet iconic products. The newly redesigned SoundTrue series of on-ear and over-ear headphones, which replace Bose’s tried and true AE2i model, are being offered in a wide range of color styles and two-tone designs. And then there are the FreeStyle in-ear headphones, Bose’s most pretentiously designed headset yet. But don’t worry, unlike the SoundTrue they aren’t going to be replacing the MIE2i or the SIE2i models anytime soon. Instead, the FreeStyle are an amalgamation of the two. They are Bose’s most stylish, sweat-resistant earbuds the company has ever put into mass production. Offered in two acceptably garish yet excitingly different paint jobs, you’ll either really like them or won’t be able to stand the sight of them. Either way, we have got an in-depth freestyle review for you just a scroll away.

At first glance, the FreeStyle are one arguably attractive looking pair of sporty in-ear headphones. Radically unique and boasting an original style, the FreeStyle were designed in two different quirky styles: a refreshing white and blue splattered Ice Blue and a minty purple Indigo. The Ice Blue FreeStyle earbuds we’re testing features a flurry of contrasting paint splatters atop solid white and cyan blue hues reminiscent of various active sports wear. A matching white and blue theme also spirals around the cable with bits of vibrant red accents along the way. The design is energetically fresh, extremely eye-catching and unlike anything we’ve seen recently. It all looks really cool and quite honestly the single best thing about the FreeStyle as Bose’s newly introduced earbud offering.

Putting style aside, we’re a bit disappointed to know that Bose hasn’t done anything to change the core design or improve things like sound quality and the way these headphones isolate audio in your ears. In other words, the FreeStyle will sound the same as Bose’s SIE2i Sport and much older MIE2i models, except for that fact that Bose has moved little details around between the two models in order to make the FreeStyle stand out just a little more.

Hardware wise, the FreeStyle share an identical durable build quality found on the SIE2i Sport, but have the same cable and inline headset remote and mic module found on the grayscale MIE2i. The FreeStyle are also less costly at $130 compared to the $150 asking price of the SEI2i due to the fact that you don’t get a Reebok fitness armband for your smartphone or a detachable extension cable. And apart from the obvious difference in plastic surgery, the FreeStyle and SIE2i are identical twins from the inside out. So if you already own Bose’s SEI2i or MIE2i, there’s no reason for you to upgrade – unless you want to the weather and sweat protection qualities which the FreeStyle afford. By all means, the FreeStyle are Bose’s best in-ear headphones yet. So if you need to decide between all three models, we think the FreeStyle offer the most refined design that will be beneficial to both exercise¬†and casual listening usage case scenarios.

Bose packaging is as always, simplistic and easy to unbox. Inside, you’ll of course find that the FreeStyle – along with a surprisingly small mount of what Bose calls “StayHear” ear tip selection. In total, there are three identical tips included in multiple sizes: a small and a large-sized pair, while the third medium-sized pair is pre-fitted on the FreeStyle as it will generally fit most people’s ears. We’ll talk about these StayHear tips in greater detail under the Comfort Level category.

A matching case with a zipper closure is also included to help you keep your FreeStyle protected. The case is made from a combination of two types of materials that follow the FreeStyle’s funky clash of contrasting colors and patterns. On one end you’ve got a synthetic creme leather textured with a pebble-like appearance, while at the bottom a blue nylon fabric is stitched diagonally across the front and back. It’s the same exact case Bose includes with its MIE2i and MIE2, only that it has been “freestyled” to be more appealing and stylish. And we do like the looks of it.But when taking a look at what’s inside it, there’s nothing but a large empty space lined with fabric. No pockets to organize your tips in or to neatly hold down the cable. You basically just toss your FreeStyle inside and hope that the cable doesn’t get caught when you’re zippering the case closed. And while we do think the FreeStyle case is one of the most creatively designed travel cases to be included with a pair of in-ears, it’s also one of the more cheaply made and unorganized protective headphone cases we’ve used.


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