Headphone Edifier H840 (Diskontinue)

Rp705,000.00 Rp599,250.00

The Edifier H840 headphones comes from the H series line which produces high quality audio headphones that assures comfort, eye-catching design and an overall amazing audio reproduction. Besides that the headphones are made to travel as well with foldable frames for easy carry and travel. Applying state of the art technology and ingenuity, the H840 is the perfect headphones for music and movies.


Specifications :

  • Function Monitoring, Hi-Fi, Gaming,
  • Connectors 3.5mm,
  • Dimensions (cm) 22.0 x 20.0 x 8.0,
  • Weight (kg) 0.08,
  • Speaker Impendance 98dB,
  • Cable Length 2.0m,
  • Befor you ordering, please confirm the color, modle ,size .
  • Damaged ,Defective item Replacement for free.
  • The modeling simple and elegant, with the flip ear caps design, convenient for carrying
  • Fit ergonomic all-inclusive ear design, comfortable for wearing a long time
  • Leather headrests with steel headband, high-end texture, durable
  • Soft leather earmuffs, comfortable to wear, and effectively reduce noise
  • 3.5mm gold-plated audio plug, TPE elastic line, high performance and durability

Review :

As someone who commutes to work every day, listening to music is how I spend my idle time. Normally, I use earphones, but this pair of Edifier headphones, though a fair bit larger than my earphones, might just convince me to get a pair of headphones instead.

Throw It In
The Edifier H840 is made to be convenient to lug around, with adjustable ear shells that make for easy storage. You just fold them away, chuck them in your backpack, and you’re ready to go. The anti-winding cable prevents the bane of most audio peripherals – the dreaded Pocket Spaghetti Monster – letting you spend more time listening, and less time untangling.

Comforting Presence
The ear caps and headband are lined with leather, offering a comfortable listening experience. My main concern is the stitching on these cans, as they might start to split and ruin the ear caps. They are detachable, but I am unsure if Edifier sells replacements. Just take note of that fact before you make a purchase.

After spending some time with it, I am rather reluctant to part with the H840 after this review. It sounds pretty great, belting out tunes without hissing or distortion. It is also very loud, so you might want to lower the volume, lest you damage your eardrums while listening to Dragonforce. So if you’re looking for headphones to accompany you during your morning commute, the H840 comes highly recommended.


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