Headphone Sony MDR-Z1R High-Resolution

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Superior sound, tangible quality


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This ‘Signature Series’ showcases Sony’s engineering excellence in audio and has been specially made for the ultimate sound experience. Perfect to sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite tracks. Designed and crafted in Japan, these headphones have been engineered with meticulous attention to detail and using the highest quality materials. This exquisite product exhibits high-class luxury in every component, from the genuine leather ergonomic ear pads and lightweight beta titanium headband, to the stainless steel wire mesh housing protector. The MDR-Z1R headphones have a wide frequency range that gives the luxury of a natural and open soundstage with up to 120kHz playback in High Resolution Audio. The 70mm HD driver unit increases the sound space to create natural sounds with controlled airflow and flat plane waves. Due to the Resonance Free Housing for eliminating unnecessary resonance, the sound has real atmosphere and fine detail.

High sound, tangible quality

Sit back, relax and prepare to experience another level of audio excellence. These headphones combine cutting-edge technology with fine craftsmanship, for the powerful listening experience.

Every note, every nuance

The diaphragm with Magnesium dome and Liquid Crystal Polymer edge enables up to 120 kHz playback in High Resolution Audio. The result is unparalleled sound purity and precision

Pure sound, no added noise

Filtering out the unnecessary with resonance-free housing. A special acoustic filtre controls the air resistance and eliminates any reverberations produced by driver movement, so that only clean, crisp frequencies get through.

Titanium and leather headband

Flexible and light, yet durable, for a more natural over ear fit. Beta titanium has high elasticity which will return to its original shape even when bent. Genuine leather adds sturdiness and comfort.

Minimize resistance and signal loss with silver-coated OFC cables

The MDR-Z1R uses silver-coated oxygen-free copper cables, designed to minimize resistance and signal-transmission loss. The result is less sound degradation, finer detail and smoother treble sounds.

Box Contains

  • MDR-Z1R
  • Unimatch Plug Adaptor
  • Connection Cable
  • Hard case


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