Portable Powerbank Probox 5200mAh



Detail :
Power banks are now slowly dominating the planet. With the modern, fast-paced changing world, it’s just an amazing helping hand to have your own power bank whenever you might need it. Probox HE1-52U1 5200mAh Power Bank is here to deliver quality service with sleek chic designs, you wouldn’t even think twice about getting it.

Standard USB input

Charge your smartphones, tablets and even your digital cameras with the Probox HE1-52U1 5200mAh Power Bank in style. This incredible power storage unit lets you recharge most of your mobile devices with the help of the standard USB 5 volts power input.


 Safety protection

The Probox HE1-52U1 5200mAh Power Bank is built with tip quality Sanyo battery cell made in Japan and integrated with many safety protections to assure long life of battery cycle and high efficient charging. With these three safety protection design, you are assured with safe and reliable usage all the time.


Sophisticated design

Designed and manufactured in Taiwan, it exudes elegance and a style that won’t make you feel embarrassed about bringing it out. It even lets you have a strap to go with it.

The Probox HE1-52U1 5200mAh Power Bank also has a power button which goes perfectly well with the LED light indicator to let you know the remaining capacity of the battery. Meanwhile, the Sanyo lithium ion batteries inside are made in Japan with a 5200mAh capacity. Finally, it comes with a soft, high-quality flannel as a pouch to keep it safe and snug.

Specification :

  • Portable Power Pack with 5200mAh Li-on battery
  • Japan Li-on battery Cell UR/FM186502Y
  • Safe Protection: Short Circuit protection, Over-Charge & over-discharge protection, Over-heat & ove-current protection
  • Input: DC5V/1A, Output: DCSV/1.2A
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery
  • 5200mAh
  • Weight:140g
  • Dimension:48.0(w) x 106 (d) x 23.9 (h)mm
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Smart-phones with USB charging function