TFZ KING III HiFi In Ear Monitor Earphone With Detachable Cable



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– Equipped with third-generation high-quality drives that exceed all expectations
– High resolution, warm listening, and fairytale scenes
– The combination of metallic luster and bright red, the hair between the ears is bright and beautiful.
– Dual magnetic, double cavity, double voice coil, diamond diaphragm, Tesla magnetic group, more realistic than real scene
– TFZ is your unique music label, stylish icon

– Driver:11.4mm Double magnetism, double cavity, double voice coil ,tesla magnetic group
– Voice coil material: copper clad aluminum
– Magnetism material:NdFeB N52
– Frequency range: 5Hz-40000Hz
– Harmonic distortion: 0.6%
– Impedance:20Ω
– Sensitivity:108dB
– Cable length: 1.2m

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Weight 1000 kg


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